Our Land

 We recognize the traditional science and knowledge of farming practices, natural resources management, land and agriculture of the Adivasi women farmers. We support them through strengthening their farming and food security, organize women farmers' exchange of knowledge and practices, support their seed preservation and storage institutions, undertake research and monitor policies that affect Adivasi women farmers 


  • Promoting the Women’s knowledge, Livelihoods and food security rights 

  • Land rights of Widows and Single Women

  • Strengthening dialogues among Adivasi Women on Gender and land rights

  • Governance and Adivasi Women’s Leadership

Adivasi Women Farmers

Women’s groups exchange seeds, cross learnings on soil conservation, agricultural practices, livelihoods



Research, Enabling exchange of strategies and cross learnings of Adivasi Women on perspectives and demands over land and natural resource rights for customary and constitutional safeguards

Women’s Land Rights

Facilitating widows’ and single women’s settlement of titles to their inheritance and marital rights to land


Dhaatri works for promoting Adivasi Women’s participation in customary and constitutional spaces for protecting their land rights, awareness on tribal and women’s laws

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