The Centre supports women’s constitutional and customary rights to forests and natural resources. We are currently working on strengthening women's leadership in the process of making collective and individual claims under the Forest Rights Act in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh and are working with partner NGO’s in other states of India for advocacy and lobbying on forest rights of women.


Our Programmes:

  • Adivasi Women’s individual and collective rights under the Forest Rights Act

  • Promoting Ecological Knowledge and Biodiversity Conservation by Women

  • Forest based livelihoods and Skills

Forest Rights Act and Adivasi Women

Women mapping their lands and taking leadership in Forest Rights Committees; Women submit claims to the SDCs; Women represent violations of their forest rights

Promoting Ecological Knowledge

Biodiversity mapping by communities, strengthening the role of Women Priests in ecological protection; working with healers

Forest Based livelihoods and Skills

Capacity building of young Adivasi women in value addition of NTFP and improving incomes




Tel : +91-40-27277950;

Email: dhaatri@gmail.com
URL: https://dhaatriwebsite.wixsite.com/dhaatri

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