We work with women and adolescent girls in adivasi and mining affected areas to resist violence and protect themselves from physical and sexual abuse. Our work on economic and ecological justice brings the connection between resource rights and rights of women over their bodies, reproductive health and sexual spaces. We also work with boys and girls in high schools and colleges on gender equality and sexuality.



  • Working with Adolescent Girls and Boys on Gender, Health and Sexuality

  • Advocating for Social security of Adivasi and Dalit Women

  • Occupational Health and Safety


Adolescent Girls, Gender and Sexuality

We work for strengthening youth platforms at community level, menstrual health and sanitation among adolescent girls, social security of girls in educational institutions,  gender sensitization of adolescent boys, preventing child marriages among adivasi girls through promoting their education

Social Security

Supporting women’s agencies at community and work site levels for collective protection from sexual abuse and violence, collaborative advocacy for eradication of the Devadasi system in the mining affected region of Bellary district, promoting cross learnings of young women in mining affected regions to prevent environmental and social violations

Occupational Health and Safety

We advocate for the formalization of women mine labour, ban on illegal mining, advocate for work safety standards for women mine workers and rehabilitation of the widows of silicosis and other occupational diseases affected families





Tel : +91-40-27277950;

Email: dhaatri@gmail.com
URL: https://dhaatriwebsite.wixsite.com/dhaatri

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