Nutritional awareness workshops

September 8, 2018


















As a part of our mission to promote gender equality, we recently focused on educating young students of the Ashram school of Paderu on menstrual health and hygiene. Skill and experience sharing was an important aspect, therefore we had a group discussion as a basic platform for information exchange.















In order to preserve the Adivasi’s traditional, sustainable way of living, we attempt to maintain the knowledge flow through the next generations by educating children and youth on topics such as health and nutrition. Dhaatri conducted a group discussion and a collective learning season with students of the Ashram school of Malakapolam Village, which included also a small interactive quiz focusing mainly on their knowledge and awareness about local millets. The discussion started with a conversation about their favourite traditional food and their daily diet. Unfortunately, the hostels do not cook with the local fruits and vegetables and neglect their nutritional value leading to widely spread malnutrition among the students.

















Kitchengardening and drawing local fruits were some of the activities conducted in the elementary schools of Dallapalli and Burguttchattu. The promotion of the children's bond with their traditional culture and vegetationas well as fostering their appreciation for the local biodiversity is one of Dhaatri's main goals pursued by joyfully working with the children. An ancient story, told in their tribal language Kuvi, was used as a motive for the childrento paint the wall of the Burguttchattu community centre with nature based mud colours.




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